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  • Basic Balance Exercises Can Help With Stability

    Staying stable on your feet and able to correct yourself to avoid a fall is an important skill for anyone, but is especially helpful as people age. Each year more than one-third of people 65 and older fall, according to Balancing exercises can help improve control and body position to help prevent a fall. ...

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  • Technology Takes Aim At Seniors

    Cutting edge technology may seem like it is geared toward savvy teens and young adults, but technology aimed at older adults continues to grow. Today’s technology is being utilized to help seniors live at home longer and more independently with devices that can monitor medication, locate someone with the tendency to wander or detect a ...

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  • Population, Demand Make Home Health Care More Popular

    The number of aging adults and their desire to age in place are among the top factors driving the growth in home health care services. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, home health aide jobs are projected to grow 38 percent between 2014 and 2024, which is much faster than average and is ...

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  • Oswego Patch

    ALC Suggests Technological Devices To Help With Personal Safety For Seniors Aging In Place

    “Home is where people want to be, whether it’s to age in place, or to recover from an illness or injury. People thrive more when they’re in the privacy and familiarity of their own homes,” said Anthony Siciliano, president and founder of A Loving Company Home Health Care (ALC). “In addition to the availability of ...

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  • Sign on San Diego

    A Loving Company (ALC) Shares Tips For Seniors To Stay Connected During The Holidays

    Known as the most joyous time of the year, the holiday season can actually be difficult for seniors. “For many, this time of year brings up sad memories of past holidays spent with a spouse or friends who are no longer living,” said Anthony Siciliano, president and founder of A Loving Company Home Health Care ...

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  • Miami Herald

    ALC Home Health Expands its Service Area

    Home is where you want to be when you are recovering from an illness, learning to manage a new diagnosis, or requiring laboratory services. A Loving Company (ALC), the premier home health care provider in Northern Illinois, is pleased to announce that it has expanded its service area. Beginning immediately, ALC Home Health will provide ...

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