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Respite for Caregivers

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    Respite for caregivers is really not a luxury; it’s a necessity. While caregiving for a loved one can be extremely meaningful and fulfilling, it is in all likelihood also stressful and draining. The impact becomes even more apparent in situations where the caregiver is also juggling other work, family and home responsibilities.  Caregivers need periodic planned respite.

    It’s hard for caregivers to take time for themselves.  The benefits however are important.  As the caregiver becomes tired and tense, the level of assistance and attention they’re able to provide is likely to decline.  Burned out caregivers are less inclined to feel that their role is meaningful and fulfilling. Furthermore, caregivers who do not have respite, often report a worsening of their own health and quality of life.  A period away from their responsibility will help the caregiver return refreshed and reinvigorated.

    Respite is also beneficial to the person receiving the care as it provides an opportunity for different interaction than they may experience on a daily basis.

    There’s a variety of respite options available for caregivers of seniors.  In-house respite can include the help of family, friends or neighbors.  It can also utilize the services of a home health aide which is sometimes covered by insurance.  Off-site respite can also be a good option.  Adult day care centers offer a chance for the senior to socialize and participate in programs and activities.  There are also nursing facilities available that allow for short-term stays.  Tips to Take Care of and Support the Family Caregiver,a report published by AARP, helps caregivers navigate their options.

    If you are a caregiver, keep in mind that you won’t be at your best, unless you take care of yourself.  ALC Home Health can help provide respite for caregivers.  For additional information call 630-368-1102 or visit